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Our ongoing development of the IRF is focused on celebrating the world’s most consumed medium, music radio, and to carry on inspiring our radio guests who participate in the Festival every year. Much of the Festival’s success is thanks to the immense positive and constructive feedback we receive from past guests, and we continue to apply all our On-Air learning’s to making the festival even better. We have listed these learning’s on the following pages to help you make the best out of your participation at the IRF. The festival’s on-air claim is “Listen to how the World Sounds”, and staying true to this ”wish”, we are delighted to share the following Tips & Guidelines with you:

  • “Listen to how the World Sounds” is what the IRF is about, so hearing how your radio stations sounds is what the Festival is all about, so do speak in your local mother tongue, in the same rhythm and pace as if you were back at home.
  • Generally a voice/music split of around 40/60 is a good guideline.
  • Do use your own jingles, and use them regularly so listeners get a feel for your show and radio station how it sounds back in your home city; why not “spice-up” your jingles to include a reference to the IRF.
  • Let’s listen to how your station sounds. It’s your showcase. Where applicable, read out the weather and traffic news from back home, and feature your adverts if you are a commercial station. Our listeners and other radio guests want to hear how you sound at home.
  • Tell our global listeners all about your radio station, and yourself. After all, the Festival wishes to showcase you, and those tuned-in want to know all about you. We want to hear your story, so use the IRF on-air stage to tell us all!
  • The Festival is all about quality musical entertainment, so its best to leave out political and religious comments, or opinions which may possibly be misunderstood by others.
  • Please do share your participation news with your community, fans, and friends, after all, you are the only radio station from your city, so its worth a round of “boasting”!
  • Tell your local music industry press about your nomination and participation.  And do ask your entire community to also “like” us on Facebook.
  • And feel free to post the IRF brand (as below) on your digital channels, press releases and newsletters.Link it to: www.2014.internationalradiofest.com

  • Wherever possible, thank you for leaving us with a play list. It will help us enormously with the PRS & PPL authorities.
  • And above all, have fun and enjoy your time on air to the max!! Don’t forget, your showcase is part of what makes up the International Radio Festival, the only public on-air festival on earth!

In the name of all who help drive the IRF forward , thank you for being part of this years International Radio Festival.


Welcome    About the IRF    B2B Forum    Technical Infos    Travel & Hotel    Guidelines

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