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“The International Radio Festival is the world’s first and only industry conference, and public on-air event, to celebrate those who curate music radio content; the world’s most consumed medium”.

A starting thought:
Contemporary Music Radio is the world’s most consumed medium and the single largest “distributor” of music. Music radio educates and adds value to billions of people’s daily lives around the world. And music radio sits in the epi-centre of the music industry, driving sales and so the “Charts”.


What is the International Radio Festival?
The IRF is the world’s first and only conference and B2B Forum to discuss the business of music radio content and to celebrate those behind the microphone and who curate the programming. It is also the world’s largest on-air public festival reaching millions of listeners around the globe…. and now watch the video!

The Festival’s Goal:
The Festival aims to bring together like-minded music radio pioneers to live their passion, knowledge share their formats and ideas, network and make friends, and forge closer ties with the music industry, and so help continue enriching the listening experience for all audiences around the world.

The Format:
Participation in the festival and conference is by invitation only. No admission, application nor administration fees are payable. Participants have to bear no costs to attend the conference and showcase their radio show other than cover their travel and personal expenses.

The IRF usually hosts two guests per invited radio station for the duration of the festival (Wed 26 to Sun 30 Aug), in cooperation with its partners Switzerland Tourism, Zurich Tourism, and the festival hotel, the FourPoints Sihlcity. The success of the Festival is totally dependent on our invited radio guests. Therefore we choose our guests carefully, and usually invite the chosen radios show’s radio jockey, together with their programme manager. This offers a perfect mix when everyone meets at the conference.

We are continuously told that the IRF is no ordinary festival and offers a unique chance to meet like minded curators of popular music radio, and we would like to agree! Here is what our previous radio guests have had to say about the IRF: What the Radio’s say!


A day in the life of the Festival:
The Festival kicks off every morning at 8am broadcasting from its new, fantastic, HQ location, Zurich’s infamous Kaufleuten, slap bang in the middle of the city (Google maps locator here).
Kaufleuten is a fantastic location featuring a Lounge, fine Brasserie style restaurant, two club rooms, plus its own shop front, which for the festival will be turned into the main IRF radio studio – a fully functional hi-end radio studio. The festival programme runs throughout the day and into the evening. On Friday and Saturday the IRF showcases club related music related formats, broadcasting these also live from the club itself.
The entire IRF programme is broadcast on its own temporary FM frequency across Zurich, online around the world

Many radio guests also choose to broadcast their show live from the IRF back to their home audiences; we have all the necessary technology to do so, with a friendly technical team to keep everything on-air.

Last but not least, our radio guests are looked after with a breakfast buffet at our partner hotel the Zurich FourPoints Sheraton, and lunch at Kaufleuten, the studio location.

The IRF format is a world first.  Never before has there been an annual meeting place to celebrate the world’s most consumed medium, music radio. This has made the IRF the annual hub where the music radio industry gets together and showcases the best music show formats; to their peers, a studio audience, and live on-air to local and global listeners….and our host is Switzerland Tourism and the city of Zurich, a beautiful, excitingly vibrant, yet also tranquil city, always full of surprises.

The IRF is unique too in that it is both a boutique B2B conference and the world’s largest on-air festival. At the IRF you can network,share knowledge, trade formats, showcase your radio show, and above all, make like minded friends.


Welcome    About the IRF    B2B Forum    Technical Infos    Travel & Hotel    Guidelines

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